Tuesday, July 11, 2017

FLAC: Cream live in Anaheim 1968 - 1CD - March 18


Convention Center

Anaheim, CA, US

March 18, 1968


01 Spoonful (16:20)
02 Sunshine Of Your Love (10:19)
03 Rollin' And Tumblin' (5:43)
04 Steppin' Out (11:25)
05 Toad (Fragment) (0:57)
06 I'm So Glad (7:48)

TT - 52:35

Reasonably good audience recording (I've heard much worse sounding Cream shows), guitar is very clear in the mix, vocals fade in and out a little.  Worth getting if live Cream is your thing.
 The taper stopped the recorder between tracks so the beginning and/or end of some of the tracks are slightly cut.  Please note that only the very end of "Toad" was recorded, probably to save on tape.

Download this bootleg here

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