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Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood live in Antwerp 2010 - 1DVD - May 23

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood
Antwerp Belgium
May 23, 2010

This is a very good audience shot video. It looks like a few guys are involved and at times the quality borders on pro-shot 
Definitely one of the better quality bootleg DVDs I have seen of late.

Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood 23 May 2010 Set List / Sportpaleis Antwerpen
Had to Cry Today
Low Down
After Midnight
Presence of the Lord
The Shape I’m In (The Band)
Well, Alright
It’s Too Bad
While You See A Chance (from Arc Of A Diver)
Going Down Slow
Midland Maniac
Slide Song
Georgia ((Eric electric seated)
Driftin’ (Eric acoustic, Steve included)
How Long (acoustic)
Layla (acoustic)
Can’t Find My Way Home (acoustic)
Split Decision
Voodoo Chile
Dear Mr. Fantasy

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eric Clapton & The Legends "Legends Flawless - 6CD - soundboard recordings

Legends Flawless
Mid Valley Records
MVR 355/356/357/358/359/360/361/362

I love it when EC wanders away for his regular path,
and does something different, whether in straight blues
or, in this case, jazz. When he does this, his guitar playing
moves to the forefront and we get treated to what we really
want to hear.

In the summer of 1997, he hooked up with some world-class jazz
musicians and did a brief (two week) tour of European jazz festivals.
The result was some truly great music.

And leave it to Mid Valley to source out the best soundboard
tapes, as well as the rehearsals, to put together this
magnificent compilation from the tour.

If you like jazz, or if you just like Eric, you should love
this set.


Marcus Miller Bass
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
David Sanborn Saxophone
Joe Sample Keyboards, Piano
Steve Gadd Drums


S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios
Hollywood, CA
probably 1997.06.??

I am somewhat skeptical as to what these tracks really are.
Disc 2 does sound like rehearsals but pretty darned polished
ones. Disc 1, on the other hand, could be pretty final takes
for an album. The scuttlebutt amongst my Claptonophile cronies
is that Roger Forrester (EC's manager at the time) was mortally
opposed to anything where Eric had to share the billing with
anyone else, and killed the album.

Disc 1

Marcus #1
Marcus #1
Full house
Full house
Put It Where You Want

Disc 2

Going Down Slow
I Got You I Feel Good
Silver Rain
Rock Me Baby
Jelly Roll

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North Sea Jazz Festival 1997
Den Haag (Netherlands)

Set List

Disc 1

Full House
Marcus #1
Going Down Slow
Third Degree

Disc 2

1st Song Tango
Put It Where You Want
Jelly Roll
In A Sentimental Mood

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Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz
Polideportivo de Mendizorroza
Vitoria (Spain)

Set List

Disc 1

Full House
Marcus #1
Going Down Slow
Third Degree

Disc 2

1st Song Tango
Put It Where You Want
Jelly Roll
In A Sentimental Mood
Everyday I Have The Blues

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Cream "Remasters volume 2: Outtakes & Alternates" - 2CD incl. BBC Sessions

Outtakes & Alternates incl BBC Sessions (2Cds)

BBC on the cover notes but not on the site.
Remaster Quality: Variable but overrall quite good. All recordings have been standardised as to amplitude (volume) and digitally filtered. Acetate noise is still present but much reduced on that source material. The BBC recordings have been bass boosted (not by me) which is acceptable as they are quite thin sounding (all the other versions I have). The off-air recordings include noise as it was AM and recorded by mike - this has been reduced.
Comment: The Outtakes combined with the BBC give a rounded picture of Cream's playing and development at the time. The BBC performances are not in the class of the the brilliant Hendrix release but there are a few very good ones. Separately the Outakes and BBC are of marginal interest but when I combined them it all came together because of the very brief recording period.

CD1 (71 min)
Fresh Cream Sessions
July/Aug 1966, Rayrik Studios, Chalk Farm, London
1. Beauty Queen (J.Bruce) - Rehearsal
2. Coffee Song (Colton/Smith) - Rehearsal
3. You Make Me Feel (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal
4. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Rehearsal 1
5. Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)

Sept 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions, Mayfair, London

6. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Rehearsal
7. Cats Squirrel (Ross) - Alternate Master (from Acetate)
8. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Rehearsal
9. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Incomplete Master
10. I Feel Free (Bruce Brown) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)

Oct. 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions Studios, London

11. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal
12 . Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Rehearsal
13. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Incomplete Master
14. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)
15. Sleepy Time Time (Bruce/Godfrey) - Alternate Master (from Acetate)
16. Four Until Late (Johnson) - Master, Alternate Mix (from Acetate)

Nov 1966, Ryemuse Studio, Mayfair Productions Studios, London

17. Rollin' and Tumblin' (Morganfield) - Alternate Master
18. Toad (Baker) - Rehearsal
19. I'm So Glad (James) - Incomplete Master
Note: Some sources describe additional outtakes, these are "You Make Me Feel 2" which is a duplicate of track '3'; "Wrapping Paper 2" which is a duplicate of track '4'; "I Feel Free 2" which is a faulty copy of track '9'.

The BBC Sessions

20/21 Intro/Wrapping Paper (Bruce/Brown) - BBC Radio 8 Nov 1966.
22/23 Intro/Traintime (Bruce) - BBC Radio 10 Jan 1967 (off air recording).
24/25 Intro/Stepping Out (Bracken) - BBC Radio 8th November 1966.
26. I'm So Glad (James) - BBC Radio 8th Nov 1966 (off air recording).

CD2 (72 min)

The BBC 'Fresh Cream'

1/2. Interview/I Feel Free (Bruce/Brown) - 10th January 1967
3. NSU (Bruce) - 10th January 1967
4/5/6. Intro/Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey)/outro - 8th November 1966
7. Sleepy Time Time (Baker/Bruce) - 8th November 1966 (off air)
8/9. Intro/Cats Squirrel (Ross/arr Splurge) - 9th December 1966
10. Four Until Late (Johnson) - 10th January 1967
11. I'm So Glad (James) - 9th December 1966
12. Rollin' and Tumblin' (Morganfield) - 8th November 1966
13. Toad (Baker) - 10th January 1967 (off air)
14. Traintime (Bruce) - 10th January 1967 (off air)
Wheels of Fire Sessions
July/Aug 1967 - IBC Studios, London
15. La La Song
16. Singalong
17. Tuba Tune
18. Spike's Theme
19. Blue Moon
20. Polonaise Jam
21. Barrelhouse Blues
Tracks 15-21 feature Ginger Baker on Spoons/Percussion & Vocals, Jack Bruce on Piano & vocals except for 1 on Acoustic Bass, Eric Clapton on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals, Felix Pappalardi on small Tuba & Acoustic Bass. These are very stoned jams probably recorded at jack or Ginger's home.
22. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - 1st Master.
23. Falstaff Beer (Baker/Bruce/Clapton)
24. Falstaff Beer (Baker/Bruce/Clapton)
25/26 Interview/Born Under A Bad Sign (Jones/Bell) 24th Oct 1967 - BBC Radio, London
         Dec 1967 - Atlantic Studios, N.Y.
27. Anyone for Tennis (Clapton/Sharp) - Alt Master .
28. Pressed Rat and Warthog (Baker/Taylor) - Alt Master.
29. Politician (Bruce/Brown) - 9th Jan 1968 - BBC Radio Studios London
Oct, Dec 1967, Feb, June 1968 - Atlantic Studios, N.Y.
30. White Room (Bruce/Brown) - single edit.

Bonus Track - June 1965 - London

31. On Top of the World (Mayall) John Mayall's Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton
      - Edit from acetate and hilights Eric's innovative use of feedback.

Cream "Remasters volume 1: Renovating The Blues" - 2CD

Renovating the Blues (2 CDs)

CD1 (57 min)
Live at Klook's Kleek, London (15th Nov. 1966)
Klook's Kleek remastered quality: Klooks is dubbed from an LP record (that includes all bootleg versions on CD or tape). Original quality was reasonable but heavily clipped. The remaster needed only a modest rebalance, raising the bass slightly, but successfully reduced noise without loss of musical detail. Recording volume variations are corrected. Vocals are somewhat distant but clear , bass clear and present, drums clear and present but the guitar is dominant, which I feel is a realistic representation of their sound at the time. Sound quality is now good but naturally nothing could be done about the clipped sound.

1. Stepping Out (Bracken) 5.13
2. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) 4.19
3. Meet Me in the Bottom (McGhee) 4.25
4. N.S.U. (Bruce) 4.33
5. Hey Lawdy Mama (Wells) 3.03
6. Sleepy Time Time (Bruce/Godfrey) 6.41
7. Crossroads (Johnson/arr. Clapton) 3.28

Live at the Konserthusert, Stockholm ( 7th March 1967)
Konserthusert remastered quality: This was a real enigma as it is widely touted as being of "excellent quality". It's problem is that all the versions I obtained were sped up. The best was a consistent 7%, the worse ranging from 7-15% ("I'm So Glad" was outrageously hyperactive!). I at last obtained a very good one which is a copy of a Swedish rebroadcast of 1972. Only a slight speed adjustment was required (typically) - bass and drums are quite clear with the guitar still somewhat recessed.

8. N.S.U. (Bruce) 4.06
9. Stepping Out (Bracken) 4.09
10. Traintime (Bruce) 5.55
11. Toad (Baker) 6.52
12. I'm So Glad (James) 4.58

CD2 (41 min)
Live at the Ricky Tick, Hounslow, W. London. (22nd April. 1967)
Ricky Tick remastered quality: Ricky starts as the best quality recording (though not rated that highly by collectors) and the remaster has made it excellent quality - better than I had anticipated. No rebalancing was required (balance does vary but that is a product of amp volume variation) as the digital noise filtering cleared up the sound marvelously. The bass sound is among the best available and the drums quite clear even though the guitar drowns them on occasions. Eric is playing extremely loud at times! Vocals are also clear - a professional audience bootleg recording (mikes left and right of stage with a quality recorder). Its a short boot remaster but magnificent - the possible additions would have degraded the brilliance of this recording.

1. Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 4.36
2. Hey Lawdy Mama (Wells) 3.31
3. Sweet Wine (Baker/Godfrey) 5.24
4. Rollin' & Tumblin' (Morganfield) 5.41
5. Spoonful (Dixon) - Incomplete 7.40
6. Sitting on Top of the World (Burnett) - Incomplete 4.20
7. Toad (baker) - Incomplete     9.36

Eric Clapton live in Sacramento 2001 - 2CD - soundboard

Eric Clapton: Sacramento 2001
soundboard recording
artwork included

CD 1:
01 - Key To The Highway
02 - Reptile
03 - Got You On My Mind
04 - Tears In Heaven
05 - Bell Bottom Blues
06 - Change The World
07 - My Father's Eyes
08 - River Of Tears
09 - Going Down Slow
10 - She's Gone
11 - I Want A Little Girl

CD 2:
01 - Badge
02 - Hoochie Coochie Man
03 - Have You Ever Loved A Woman
04 - Cocaine
05 - Wonderful Tonight
06 - Layla
07 - You Got Me Going Around In Circles
08 - Sunshine Of Your Love
09 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
10 - Ain't Gonna Stand For It

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Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck "Exhaust Note" live in London 2007

Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
London, England
November 29 & 30, 2007
Mid Valley 432, 433, 434, 435
artwork included

November 29, 2007
Disc 1:
1. Leo Green Introduction
2. Beck's Bolero
3. Breath Eternal
4. Stratus
5. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
6. Behind The Veil
7. You Never Know
8. Blast From The East (False Start)
9. Nadia
10. Blast From The East
11. Led Boots
12. Angel Footsteps
13. Scatterbrain

Disc 2:
1. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
2. Brush With The Blues
3. Space Boogie
4. Big Block
5. A Day In The Life
6. Introduction of EC by Jeff Beck
7. Little Brown Bird (w/ EC)
8. You Need Your Love (w/ EC)
9. Where Were You

November 30, 2007
Disc 3 - with The Big Town Playboys
1. Leo Green Introduction
2. Race With The Devil
3. Crazy Legs
4. Train Kept A Rollin'
5. My Baby Left Me
6. Matchbox
7. Baby Blue
8. Honky Tonk (w/ Leo Green on sax)
Main Set:
9. Beck's Bolero
10. Breath Eternal
11. Stratus
12. Cause We've Ended As Lovers
13. Behind The Veil
14. You Never Know
15. Nadia
16. Blast From The East
17. Led Boots
18. Angel Footsteps

Disc 4:
1. Scatterbrain
2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
3. Brush With The Blues
4. Space Boogie
5. Blanket (w/ Imogen Heap)
6. Big Block
7. A Day In The Life
8. Rollin' and Tumblin' (w/ Imogen Heap)
9. Where Were You

The Band:
Jeff Beck  guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta  drums
Jason Rebello  keyboards
Tal Wilkenfeld  bass

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